Launch Fever!

This past week has been somewhat hectic for my entire life but I’ve managed to seize my stress under control and live on. I’ve been drinking lots of water and putting on some really cute nail polish (ok. Just once but A+ for effort 🙄🙄)

This weekend I’m heading home from Joburg to attend the Rootz Boutique Spa launch.

Nothing excites me more than knowing that I’ll be surrounded by a group of beautiful women in a beautiful and tranquil space. 

To get a personal invite to the launch, comment with your email address in my Facebook post.

Just a glimpse of what you can expect: 

Excited much? I know I am.

Colour yourself spring.

I am generally a black and bit of boring type of girl but when spring walked into my life a few days ago, I knew I had to sort my life out and get my 

Girl on 

So I decided to color myself SPRING

[Well just red but it works either way]

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for black and all things dull and boring… Simply because I’m colorful on the inside 😬

I decided to go RED and poetic on my nails. 

Red Apples.
Rosy Red. Dust Soul.
Red and Pure

What is your

Follow Rootz Boutique Spa on Facebook and be on the look out for the launch details. 

Water is Life.


And once again, I’ve discovered another love. (Yes, roses to emphasise the love)

I’m happy to announce that as of today, I have discovered that I have a million and 5 ventures in my life and to kick off the Spring season, I’m working with Rootz Boutique Spa as a lifestyle blogger.

Yes! This actually means I’ve found direction in my life. And yes, this means that trips to Double Shot will mean red cappuccino or rooibos tea over my usual, preferred and highly addictive caffeine.

I live by a few quotes in my life and one of them is;

Keep working hard, someone is watching

I’m not even sure if that’s a real quote but oh well…. 

I’m not gonna bore you with the typical

Water is good for your healthy because……..

saga but instead, I will line up a few pictures of how you can make water look….. “Appetising”.  I’m personally not a huge fan of water because, my artistic tendencies don’t go very well with being “plain”. Below are some water “recipes” you can try out. It’s easy:

How to make water look GOOD: 

  1. Find a cute bottle
  2. Cut up different fruits
  3. Drop fruits into cute bottle
  4. Fill cute bottle with water.
  5. Drink and look cool ALL DAY

[Follow my blog post regularly to stay updated on the launch date for Rootz Boutique Spa in Burgersfort]

Water + cucumbers by @juss.tee (Instagram)
Raspberry + tarragon leaves by @thekitchensinkblog (Instagram)
grapefruit, orange, lemon, blueberries + mint by @greenysherry (Instagram)

Coffee obsessed Lunatic. 

My coffee addiction didn’t start the usual way. It wasn’t because of sleepless and early mornings that coffee become my first love but it was the way it reflected back at me in the pictures. I think for most parts, if I’m to be honest, I don’t drink coffee as a way of reviving me. Or my energy or whatever but coffee serves as a reflection hour (if I’m at a coffee shop)

Coffee is a source of life!

Depressed Coffee. Grahamstown, 2015.
Brunch and all things nice. Grahamstown, 2015.
Breakfast dates. Vaal, 2016.
Best friend. Best friend. Johannesburg, 2016.
Popular Loner. Johannesburg, 2016.
Joburg. You. Calling. Burgersfort, 2016.
Personal Creations. Burgersfort, 2016.

Grind so loud. Johannesburg, 2016.

The thing about sitting down and grabbing a cup of coffee is that it’s just not about ordering a spoonful of caffeine that is presumably bad for your heart (well I know better things bad for your heart than caffeine) but it’s about taking using that sip to reflect on a few segments of your life like: 

Why am I sitting here with him? 


I think I need a new life.

The coffee experience is about reflection and more importantly it’s about experiencing inner piece.

      Fresh Start.

      I’ve made the conscience decision to start blogging again after months on months of being stuck in a bubble that was nothing close to who I am…. That’s the thing about experiencing certain turbulence in your life. I guess. You withdraw yourself so much FROM YOURSELF that you end up floating around like a balloon (cliché but true).

      I’ve always heard people telling me that “it’s easy to lose touch of who you are” but little to no maturity  always has you thinking  

      There’s people need to get a grip of their lives

      Until you find yourself stuck in their shoes with nothing but bottle of wine staring you deep in your eyes asking YOU to sort your life out.

      And that ladies and gentlemen is L.I.F.E.

      In the period of the last 6 months (definitely more), I lost a sense of who I was, who I wanted to be and what really made me happy…. I mean really makes me happy. I settled for less, accepted less, agreed to be less and that’s when you realise, such moments are necessary for our growth.

      I’m in the process of learning detachment, privacy and isolation  (ironic, huh?) but when a life journey inspires, suck from it as much as you can. 

      My 3 steps of a better me

      1. Detachment 
      2. Privacy 
      3. Isolation

      Do not mean walking away from daily activities that make me who am I and who I am known to be but it basically jist means 

      1. Practising an ART form of removing myself from circles where I’m not appreciated.
      2. Living a life of personal privacy. 
      3. Doing what makes me happy. Focusing my energy of internal happiness and learning to be ALONE.

      Sounds like something  unachievable?  


      In the past 6 months, I learnt that put flowers in the eyes of those watching and when they dig out their roots, be sure to surprise them with another set of roses to distract them from your flaws.

      I’m Tebatso Molapo and this is my litetal life.