Holiday Drip.

I’ve been home for over 3 weeks now and I can’t handle this heat. When I’m not taking a nap, I’m getting up to something my mom wouldn’t approve of… like going to town (she thinks I’m wasting money). 

I’m all kinds of excited for 2017, I’ve been working on a thousand and 10 ways to make it great 

Between planning my life and day dreaming about G-Wagons, I’m always sure to throw in some motivation to keep me going. I recently started reading Zareef Minty’s Empire, A 21 year old business mogul. (I just die tbh).

To get rid of the heat, I’m either napping or making some really cool DIY stuff like wine ice lollipops. They are the best thing ever 😍😍

Enjoy your festive, be great and stay safe ❤️. 

Oh my Omelette!

I’ve recently become obsessed with 3 eggs! They give me so much joy and stimulate the creativity in me. As part of my quest to be healthy and eat well, blah blah blah…. I’ve been experimenting with Omelettes (apparently it’s French for eggs, fancy huh)

My strength lies in the fact that I don’t like telling people how to do things but instead, I give them the platform to experiment. Below are some of my experimental days. Oh eggs are amazing! 

1. Stuff with fish, spinach and barbecue sauce.

Stuffed with stir fry and chicken! 

This I bought. This was stuffed with Macon. 

Att to anyone in Burgersfort: 

11 December I’m having a yoga/motivational session at Rootz Boutique Spa for 30 women. It’s R150 a ticket and it’s inclusive of an hour session of yoga, food and drinks. 

Text me (0836547523) if you’d like to come through. 

Text me! It’s gonna be fun!

How to keep cool in December.

Now I’m usually not one to be all festive during the festive (see what I did there? 😂) 

Anyway, I’ve been busy with my exams so life has been a bit…. yeah. We all know how exams are. But I’ve been coming up with strategic ways to let my December flow like…. (not a river) 

How to keep Cool in December. 

1. Read a book. I recently bought Alek Wek’S autobiography and the excitement of reading the rest of her story has me so bad. 

2. Be Creative. My definition of creativity has manifested into hooking up events but when I’m not stressing about turn out, I’m mixing pains and pasting letters to wood boards. 

3. Eat out or in with a few friends. Hijack a few friends and just go do the thing. 

4. Go for a spa treatment at Rootz Boutique Spa!!! I can’t emphasize on how important (Yes! Important) it is to take care of yourself and just zone out. 

On that note, I’m collaborating with Rootz Boutique Spa for a wellness day event. 


  1. 1 Hour Yoga Session 
  2. Reflection on 2016 Talk by Tebatso Molapo & Friends
  3. Massage Treatment by Rootz Boutique Spa
  4. Food! (I’m genuinely excited about the food part 😂🙈) 
  5. Chats and Conversations. 

If you’ll be around Burgersfort on the 11th of December, book your “seat” for R150. 
For Bookings: 

Tebatso Molapo – 083 654 7523 

Face Phase

Growing up… I had the worst acne problem and I kept switching between products because…. let’s be honest, acne is extremely frustrating. 

I started using Garnier products when I was in grade 10 and I’ve never looked back since. 

How I keep my face acne free: 

1. Wash my face  twice a day with the Garnier Pure Active 3-in-1 wash. After each wash, I use the Refresh Refining toner. 

2. Mask once a week. Using the Garnier Pure Active 3-in-1. I mask for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with warm water. 

3. The Garnier Even & Matte daily cream is my nightly best friend and I use it 3 times a week. 

I’m not too big on face creams on a daily but one thing I consider essential is sunscreen. I basically live off sunscreen. 

Having switched products a million times, I came to a realization that what works for me won’t work for the next person. So find your ideal product and stick to it.

And don’t forget to drink lots of water! 

Like: Rootz Boutique Spa on Facebook. 


New? New. 

The year is nearing an end. Again. I’d be kidding myself if I said that I’m ready for 2016 to end because I honestly just wish I could turn back the hands of time and start over. 

Don’t get me wrong, 2016 has been great and everything but do you know how it feels to feel like you haven’t achieved what you wanted to actually achieve? 

That’s my mood 😂💔. 

I realised though that I made a few resolutions this year and those include going out a bit more than I usually do. And do you know what comes with going out? Goodies! Free goodies 💃🏾. 

I attended the Rootz Boutique Spa Launch in September and as I was cleaning up my room, I find some of the stuff I got in the gift bag. I should be treating myself to a whole spa day today. In the comfort of my own home. How fresh? 

Book your appointment: 

Call: 013 045 0508

Tea or Coffee?

Anyone and everyone who knows me knows for a fact that I’m utterly obsessed with coffee but I’ve been going through so many episodes of tea’ing…. subconsciously I’m trying to convince myself that’s it’s only because I’m trying to detox but the honest truth is that I think I’m falling in love with the coffee counterpart. 

Whether it’s cold…. 

Or over a good book 

Or even for health reasons….. 

I somehow always find myself indulging over a cup or bottle of tea. 

If I were to ask Rootz Boutique Spa what they prefer, I bet all my coffee dates (I don’t know if that makes sense but…..) they’ll say tea. 

Why Tea doh?! 

1. Tea may help with weight loss.

(For that summer body you’ve been dreaming about since Winter 2015)

2.  Tea contains antioxidants.

3. Tea may boost the immune system.

Tea is like a spa day but spa dates are better. Visit Rootz Boutique Spa at Thaba Moshate for all your beauty essentials.

Spa Day 

I went home in preparation for a market day that Re Basadi was hosting with Underground Deep at Badikila RoadHouse.  

Which was a great success, yay us!

I realised that working is great, fun (jokes) but most of us neglect our health and wellbeing. The thing about being home is that you go in and out of meetings, brainstorming, making decisions, a whole lot of things then you get home, deal with personal issues, pull out your laptop, work an hour or 2 then decide to sleep (if you’re lucky) but I think it takes being in a tranquil environment to realize that sometimes you just need to zone out. 

Rootz Boutique Spa is situated in the most tranquil part of Burgersfort and it is the most tranquil decision you could ever make (see what I did there 😂) 

So my friend, Faith and I went there for the first time and I wasn’t surprised at the fact that I passed out so badly when receiving my facial. (😂 it was hilarious really). 

Not only do you get the experience of being in a land faraway when you’re at Rootz Boutique Spa but the price list is AMAZING!!! 

If you’re in Burgersfort, or you just tired of speaking to people (honestly me on a regular 😪) 

Just pop in for a  

At Rootz Boutique Spa! 

[SideNote] : Their Staff is really great too