Oh my Omelette!

I’ve recently become obsessed with 3 eggs! They give me so much joy and stimulate the creativity in me. As part of my quest to be healthy and eat well, blah blah blah…. I’ve been experimenting with Omelettes (apparently it’s French for eggs, fancy huh)

My strength lies in the fact that I don’t like telling people how to do things but instead, I give them the platform to experiment. Below are some of my experimental days. Oh eggs are amazing! 

1. Stuff with fish, spinach and barbecue sauce.

Stuffed with stir fry and chicken! 

This I bought. This was stuffed with Macon. 

Att to anyone in Burgersfort: 

11 December I’m having a yoga/motivational session at Rootz Boutique Spa for 30 women. It’s R150 a ticket and it’s inclusive of an hour session of yoga, food and drinks. 

Text me (0836547523) if you’d like to come through. 

Text me! It’s gonna be fun!


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