How to keep cool in December.

Now I’m usually not one to be all festive during the festive (see what I did there? 😂) 

Anyway, I’ve been busy with my exams so life has been a bit…. yeah. We all know how exams are. But I’ve been coming up with strategic ways to let my December flow like…. (not a river) 

How to keep Cool in December. 

1. Read a book. I recently bought Alek Wek’S autobiography and the excitement of reading the rest of her story has me so bad. 

2. Be Creative. My definition of creativity has manifested into hooking up events but when I’m not stressing about turn out, I’m mixing pains and pasting letters to wood boards. 

3. Eat out or in with a few friends. Hijack a few friends and just go do the thing. 

4. Go for a spa treatment at Rootz Boutique Spa!!! I can’t emphasize on how important (Yes! Important) it is to take care of yourself and just zone out. 

On that note, I’m collaborating with Rootz Boutique Spa for a wellness day event. 


  1. 1 Hour Yoga Session 
  2. Reflection on 2016 Talk by Tebatso Molapo & Friends
  3. Massage Treatment by Rootz Boutique Spa
  4. Food! (I’m genuinely excited about the food part 😂🙈) 
  5. Chats and Conversations. 

If you’ll be around Burgersfort on the 11th of December, book your “seat” for R150. 
For Bookings: 

Tebatso Molapo – 083 654 7523 


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